In my 100th post and on Halloween especially, I present the 5 scariest songs ever! And not the ones that are just shouting!

Radiohead - National Anthem
It spooks me out as soon as that sinister bass line kicks in, there's something evil in the track and Thom Yorke's vocals don't help out, been amplified with a weird metallic effect, he sounds like a squealing robot and i mean a robot IN PAIN. Plus singing "everyone's got fear" is just scary enough.

Arcade Fire - My Body is a Cage
The church organ does it for me, the lyrics are sinister and foreboding enough, but the organ, god damn it sounds evil and damning, like this tale leads to hell. The drum beat as well, what's that about? it sounds like it could jump out and attack someone

Justice - Stress
You'd be forgiven for thinking you were suddenly in some highly tense movie. The beat is just freaky, ain't it? building and building like danger is round the corner, I would not like to listen to this while out at night.

The Zutons - You've Got a Friend in Me
It's not the music here, but the sinister stalker lyrics, it's just frightening the prospect of what the singer describes.

We Are Scientists - Ghouls
I chose this basically because of the title, that's scary, right? It's got a slow, mellow but also frightening beat, the questioning lyrics sung almost monotonously add to the suspense/tension

So there you have it, I hope you're significantly more frightened than you were say half an hour ago.

100th post CELEBRATION TIME - waheeeeeeey what a milestone!